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Bulk EMail Services

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Bulk Email Services - Transactional EMail Management

Transactional email is kind of customized messages to one person, it may be automated or manual sending.

There are two methods to send transactional email.

  • Automated email which is triggered by specific criteria (such as making a purchase on a ecommerce website), created by you, then sent and tracked via bulk email SMTP API.
  • Individual transactional emails sent using the same interface you send marketing emails. Simply select “transactional” under the email type drop-down to get started.

Some other worthy sources of transactional email:

  • email address confirmations
  • password resets
  • purchase receipts
  • "thank you for [some action]"
  • account balance updates
  • weekly manifests
  • auto-responders
  • support requests
  • cart abandonment
  • monthly invoices
  • app error alerts (developer tested!)
  • automated re-engagement (marketer approved!)

And many more! There’s not really a boundary as to what kinds of actions can trigger an email. The pros are set up to trigger real-time, personalized transactional emails within seconds of user interaction. You should be, too.

What’s Next

  • 4 easy steps to send powerful multi-channel campaigns.
  • Industry’s best deliverability & open rates-100% Opt-in, 100% Anti-spam.
  • 100% data security and privacy norms compliant.

The Bulk Email Advantage:

    High ROI (over 4300% in 2009, according to the Direct Marketing Association)

    Builds profitable relationships with customers and prospects

    Increases conversion rates and lifetime customer value

    Mass email marketing reaches prospects at low cost
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